MICDROP Collaborators


MICDrop has years of international tourism industry experience in a number of key areas including Sales & Marketing, Operations, Contracting. Beyond our own in house expertise, we have a network of collaborators who offer additional niche expertise to assist our clients in areas including:


Our collaborators are all recognised, experienced professionals in their areas of expertise. They are trusted professionals that we at MICDrop work with on a regular basis. If you require any additional support for your tourism business in any niche area, contact us today, to see if we have the perfect partner to assist you on michael@micdrop.ie

Interested in becoming a Collaborator?

Business Tourism has so many highly skilled and niche areas of expertise. MICDrop has a developed a solid network of vetted industry professionals who can provide specialist support to tourism businesses on an ad hoc or project basis. If you or your business has specialist expertise that could assist any of our clientele in the tourism industry, please contact us today to discuss details about becoming a recognised collaborator. 

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